Fujitsu Scanner Parts

Fujitsu Scanner Parts and Supplies are in stock for all model Fujitsu scanners including older models. All Fujitsu supplies such as Pick Rollers, Pad Assemblies, Brake Rollers and Paper Trays include instructions and are user instastallable. You do not require a technician. Cleaning Supplies will help to maintain your scannner by keeping it free from papaer dust which can clog pads and rollers thus creating paper jams. We also stock all repair parts for Fujitsu  Scanners which include such items as Paper Sensors, Lamps, Pulley, Clutch Springs and ADF Units. Fujitsu Scanner part identification is available directly from Fujitsu or by calling us at 800-826-0279.

We accept Purchase orders from customers ordering Fujitsu scanner parts or supplies. We value your business, and are eager to help in any way we can. Call our support number at 800-826-0279 if you need help with Fujitsu scanner parts identification.

You can also use that same 800 phone line to get a tracking number for your Fujitsu scanner parts order. Fujitsu scanner parts customers wishing to schedule maintenance for your Fujitsu scanner are also welcome to contact us at that number. Our 30-day warranty assures you that any Fujitsu scanner parts you order from us will be free from manufacturer's defects. In the unlikely event that any Fujitsu scanner parts you order from us are found to be defective, we will promptly replace the part at no additional cost. Check our "warranty and returns" page for more details on our policies related to Fujitsu scanner parts and other quality products we sell. In addition to our extensive line of Fujitsu scanner parts, we also carry PC card cables, custom cables, PDA cables, and notebook batteries.

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AC Adapter

Part Number: PA03586-K931

Ac Adapter